How to use automatic bag vacuum packaging machine

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According to incomplete statistics, by 2050, China’s middle-aged people around the age of 50 will be about 1/2 of China’s total population. This data also reflects that the labor shortage in China’s enterprises will continue to rise; the food machinery industry is helping The enterprise solves the problem of labor shortage and puts the new packaging equipment-automatic bag vacuum packaging machine into the production of the enterprise.

The automatic bag-type vacuum packaging machine is composed of two parts: the vacuum packaging machine main machine and the feeding bag feeding machine; the working mode is that the operator puts hundreds of bags to be placed in the bag-holding part of the equipment, and the robot automatically catches Take the bag, measure the feeding through the gas path support bag and the measuring machine, vacuum, seal and output the product. No manual work is required in the whole process of packaging. Since the automatic bag vacuum packaging machine can help enterprises solve the labor shortage problem, what should be paid attention to when using the fully automatic bag vacuum packaging machine for the production enterprise?

Today, let me share with you the seven factors that should be paid attention to during the use of the fully automatic bag vacuum packaging machine:

1. Fully plastic bag sealer should do the following preparations before use. First, the circuit needs to be inserted into the row and 6 three-phase five-wire power supplies for installation and use of inkjet printer, weighing weighing machine and debugging. The automatic bag vacuum packaging machine; followed by the gas path preparation work, it is necessary to prepare an air compressor capable of satisfying 1 cubic meter of measuring machine, 1 cubic meter of gas storage tank and 1 cubic meter of cold drying machine to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

2, automatic Carton sealer machine boot detection, because the automatic bag vacuum packaging machine is a device with a good degree of automation, all work processes are displayed on the device screen, the equipment should be used before the use of equipment, electricity, gas path Check whether the compressed air pressure meets the requirements (above 0.6 bar), run 2 stations, observe whether the machine has abnormal impact, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

3. Turn on the power switch, connect the external external power supply, place the packaging bag, set and check the temperature controller of the equipment and adjust the running speed of the main machine. Do not adjust the material first, and see the sealing effect of the empty packaging bag. If the sealing effect is smooth, no Wrinkles, work in the feeding operation.

4. During the production and production process, the quality inspectors should conduct random inspections on the packaged products at any time to see if the sealing of the vacuum bag is intact. If wrinkles or poor sealing occur, adjust the equipment in time to avoid large Batch of non-conforming products.

5. For the fully automatic bag vacuum packaging machine, the untrained personnel should not adjust the operating parameters of the equipment. If the equipment parameters need to be adjusted, it should be operated by trained technicians to ensure the whole production process. The stable operation of the equipment, the normal production of the workshop and the quality of the products.

6. After the end of each day, the equipment should be rinsed, especially for the equipment for packaging the pickled vegetables. The product has high salt content and strong corrosion. It can not only meet the food hygiene requirements, but also meet the food hygiene requirements. Reduce damage to equipment by acid-base ingredients.

7. Fully automatic bag vacuum packaging machine In the operation of equipment, if there is any non-conforming product, it should stop the test immediately. It is strictly forbidden to deal with the problem during the operation of the equipment to prevent injury to the operation or maintenance personnel; if the maintenance personnel of the factory cannot To solve this problem, you should hang the "inspection, no boot" warning sign and contact the technical staff of the equipment manufacturer for processing; solve the problem as soon as possible and resume production.

The above is a few factors that should be paid attention to during the use of the fully automatic bag vacuum packaging machine. When using the equipment, the preparations before use and the details of the use of the equipment are handled well, following the equipment itself. The use of the law can make the equipment work better for the enterprise, exert its value and create more benefits.

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