About Us

Zhejiang PUYI Technology Co.,Ltd(Original Yueqing Dongfeng HV Electric Co.,Ltd) , production, sales and technical service for the whole effort to build high-voltage electrical domestic first-class professional brand, to provide users with the main drop-out fuses and surge arresters, isolating switches, vacuum circuit breakers etc. the product. "Arte technology", is its superior quality and professional service has won more and more users and industry recognition.

      We see innovation as the development of the country, satisfied with their professional manufacturer of traditional positioning. We are working hard to truly professional brand forward, with the Pro Arte from prototype development to trial until the whole process of production capacity. Dedicated R & D department to abandon the past, products and technology imitation replica of work, was given a real mission, a large number of new product development topic is hot. Meanwhile, a number of research institutes and institutions of higher learning on today's high technology industry has launched a high-level technical exchange and cooperation. We adhere to the "technology for users and students", we each product and technology innovation are based on an accurate grasp of user needs and understanding of marketing, R & D units and front-line staff with in-depth market to listen to the voice of the user at any time to respond to market demand. Also in pursuit of product quality in the process, Arte never mean hardware and software investments. Into various forms of management courses and job training for front-line staff to make the quality of staff Arte full upgrade, ISO9000 quality assurance system and the 6S scene management be strictly enforced. With the high-end products division continued investment in production equipment and processes on continuous improvement, capacity to maintain stable growth.
        With the development of the market, PUYI's marketing network has also been perfected to set up in urban centers, service centers for the main sales service system has shown great support, both from the grasp of market trends, distribution channels, the construction and support, or warehousing and logistics control, pre-service level, we have invested a lot of manpower and material resources and more enthusiasm to meet the majority of users in order professional products on the variety, quantity, delivery, etc. needs.
        Whether past, present or future, we are always a professional organization, do professional work, production of professional products, professional service. PUYI's goal is to pressure the electrical industry in the field, as a most valuable brand, for partners to develop a broader outlook, can provide customers with the highest quality products, customer demand to make fast, accurate response, and provide satisfactory service.