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Drop-Out Arresters 35kV Z

Drop-Out Arresters 35kV Z

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Various types of lightning arrester is the power system electrical equipment (transformers, reactors, capacitors, generators, motors, PT, CT, circuit breakers, contactors, etc.) the basis for insulation coordination, arrester protection performance by identifying all electrical power system equipment both inside and outside the Insulation indicators (short-time power frequency withstand voltage, and operation of Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage BIL, etc.).
MOA eighties of the 20th century by the United States and Japan began to expand onto the international popularity of the new generation of surge arresters, surge arrester is the most advanced conventional products. China's mid-eighties, after the full introduction of the technology through many years of practice to digest, is currently the professional exchange of plant arrester arrester performance and the United States, Japan, Western Europe and other countries the gap between the most advanced products are not really achieved all the requirements of GB products meet the international IEC standards all the requirements.      
Core components of the product to use zinc oxide-based multi-metal oxide powder to burn, has excellent non-linear shape - Antwerp, and steep wave response to rapid through-flow capacity. There is space space sea products, with exposure to the structure of both pressure and reduce the dispersion of the discharge, the impact coefficient small.
Composite insulation jacket of the adoption of the international response to the miniaturization of electrical products, security, and maintenance-free trend. Organic polymer composite materials with the traditional ceramics and glass, such as inorganic materials, small size, light weight, resistant to contamination-free clean-up, explosion

Conditions of use

Normal conditions of use of conventional products are as follows:
Ambient temperature: not higher than +40 ℃, not less than -40 ℃;
Altitude: not exceed 2000m;
Power frequency: 50 ± 2Hz; 60 ± 2Hz
Earthquake intensity: 7 degrees and below;
Maximum wind speed: 35m / s;
Clean-up-free conditions: dirty and below the middle region;
Products for seamless, long-term frequency voltage imposed shall not exceed the arrester continuous operating voltage;
Space for products, installation point increase in short-time power frequency voltage shall not exceed the rated voltage surge arresters.
Long-term use in the following abnormal conditions, Surge Arresters in need of special production, should be indicated when ordering;
Excessive temperature or elevation (high altitude, tropical, boreal, all closed counters, and near the furnace, etc.);
Serious use of environmental moisture or impurities in corrosive gases (water, salt, chemical plants, etc.);
Strong ultraviolet radiation (high altitude, strong sunlight and other arid regions);
Special emphasis on dirty areas (mine face, working on


 Model of the full implementation of the definition of JB/T8459-1996 "Arrester
Model methodology" requirement, the specific model described as follows:

 Technical Data Sheet, Photographs and Installation of Physical Size

The following is a typical conventional lightning arrester parameters table, according to voltage level from low to high order, user-friendly look. Arrester as the fourth GB models, the fifth company of the product as the corresponding physical picture and installation of code-size map. Shape and size of product required of users, according to the corresponding number in the back of the map to find the size and focus on longer-kind.
Notes: 1. GB each model can be derived from several models, space is limited, do not list the user if there is doubt on the models can be directly Technology consulting company.
       2. "Nominal voltage system," column, with * the data type of surge arresters for the protection of the corresponding electric motor rated voltage.
          "Discharge voltage-frequency" column, with * the data, more than 66KV high-voltage surge arresters for power frequency RMS voltage tolerance.
       3. Because of more use and voltage levels, not specifically refer to the residual impact of the lightning protection operating 30/60 pressure corresponding to the impact of current value.
       4. The vast majority of products are available from the package, counters and other accessories, with counters in the model after the "J", from the device with additional "L".

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