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Composite Cross-arm Insulator

Composite Cross-arm Insulator

Product Description

Composite crossbar insulator can effectively use narrow corridor to turn on voltage and transmit electricity, which is suitable for urban power network technology.The technical transformation can reduce the height of the tower and save a lot of manpower, material and financial resources because of its bending.The high bending strength can prevent the breaking accident of the grade chain which is easy to occur in the ceramic cross-arm. It is an ideal ceramic cross-arm substitution.Replacement product; Small size, light weight, strong shock resistance, no manual cleaning, afetyFull operation provides guarantee.

Technical parameter table

Instructions for ordering: 1. If users need different end fittings and installation dimensions, please specify separately

Characteristics comparison
For steel pipe towers used along urban roads,Composite cross-arm insulator can effectively reduce tower armSpacing and extension distance, reduce tower height, increaseSafety and storm resistance.

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