Composite Insulators

Composite Suspension Insulator

Composite Suspension Insulator

Product Description

 This product is special for badly polluted areas,high mechanical tension load,long span and compact power line,and have features of light weight,small volume,unbreakable,anti-bend.high strenght high strengh wrest resistarct and strong explosion protection.

Order instructions

1. The default suspension insulator metal fittings are ball socket structure. If there are different types, please specify:
2. Model additional TD indicates that the first umbrella skirt is a large umbrella (250), which has the functions of preventing bird damage
 (flashover caused by accumulation of bird dung) and lightning accumulation.
3. The voltage sharing ring can improve the voltage distribution. At the same time, when flashover occurs, the ring discharges to the ground,
 which can protect the umbrella sleeve from arc burning, and alleviate the aging of the umbrella sleeve at the charged end.66 kV and below
 voltage level products can not be equipped with voltage sharing rings; 110 kV products have a voltage sharing ring at the high voltage end,
 but it is recommended to equip voltage sharing rings at both ends in multi-minefield; 220 kV and above voltage level products can be 
equipped with voltage sharing rings.The high voltage end and the ground end of the product each have a pressure equalizing ring. Please 
specify the distribution method of equalizing ring when ordering.

Installation Notes

1. Insulators should be handled lightly in transportation and installation, should not be thrown, and avoid all kinds of miscellaneous parts (conductors, iron plates, tools, etc.)Collision and friction with sharp and hard objects.
2. When lifting composite insulators, the knot should be tied to the end accessories. It is strictly forbidden to hit the umbrella skirt or sheath. The rope must touch the umbrella skirt.When it comes to the sheath part, it should be wrapped in soft cloth in the contact part.
3. Composite insulators shall not be used as auxiliary tools for laying (receiving) wires, so as not to damage insulators by impact or bending moment.
4. It is strictly forbidden to step on insulator umbrella skirt.
5. When installing equalizing rings, attention should be paid to adjusting so that the rings are perpendicular to the axis of insulators. The installation position is shown in the right figure. For open equalizing rings, adjustments should be made.Ring, pay attention to both ends of the openingdirection is the same, in order to facilitate discharge, protect umbrella skirt.

Grading ring

Brief Introduction of Composite Tensile Insulator

Composite tension-resistant insulators are suitable for use in polluted areas, especially in heavily polluted areas. They have high 
tensile strength, good anti-fouling performance, easy installation and use, etc.The line fittings are tightly connected.

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