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outdoor high voltage intelligent vacuum circuit breaker ZW32-12F

outdoor high voltage intelligent vacuum circuit breaker ZW32-12F

Product Description


ZW32-12F type of outdoor high voltage intelligent vacuum circuit breaker (cut-off switch, commonly known as "watchdog", hereinafter referred to as the boundary breaker), is my company developed a new product, the boundary breaker is a set of vacuum circuit breakers, dividing circuit breaker, sectionalizer four open intelligent multi function device on one of the products. The main configuration by the vacuum demarcation circuit breaker body, intelligent demarcation controller, external voltage transformer (Note: distribution automation line ring network in bilateral optional three parts, PT) products are widely used in automatic switching device of 12kV City, rural power grid space ring circuit as disconnecting switch, touch switch, can be implemented ring the deployment of line load in the branch line of the power supply can be used as cut-off switch (commonly known as the watchdog), feeder overhead distribution network as the boundary breaker of sectionalizers The vacuum demarcation circuit breaker has the remote management mode, the protection control function and the communication function. Can reliably detect and judge in milliamperes and zero sequence current phase short-circuit fault current, realize the automatic removal of single-phase grounding fault and short fault.



1. ZW32-12M circuit breaker outline and mounting dimensions

2. ZW32-12M control box appearance and installation dimensions

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