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FJCD type Lightning Protection Electricity Testing Earthing Ring

FJCD type Lightning Protection Electricity Testing Earthing Ring

Product Description

FJCD lightning protection electricity testing grounding ring is installed in a line insulator load side, specially for preventing 10-20KV overhead wire disconnection for maintenance and construction of electrical inspection and grounding combo products. The distribution of 10-20KV overhead line and the following general use insulation wire, but the overhead insulated lightning withstand level be congenitally deficient. The current domestic and foreign main measures to prevent overhead insulated wire lightning break the adopted: the erection of overhead ground wire; installing anti arc clip; installation Zinc Oxide lightning arrester. But the existing technology has the following disadvantages: the larger the cost of investment, construction and installation of complex, because the pole side often hanging the electricity testing grounding ring, fault indicator, anti arc clip, branch line clip series, cause line messy unsightly. This product is easy to install, Become, simple circuit and reduce the cost.
1 this product is a new type of combined structure of lightning protection electricity testing grounding ring, which is mainly composed of insulating shield, nut, pressing block, the line holder and insulating multi ring.
The 2 insulating cover made of composite material, has good insulation properties, aging resistance and flame retardant properties, the assembly in the outer metal cap, can play the role of insulation protection.
More than 3 ring is the starting rod and electricity testing grounding cyclization as one of the two parts. When lightning occurs, the discharge arc rod and between the insulator metal pieces, the continued flow of power frequency arc to arc rod burning, so as to protect from damage of insulated wire. When the maintenance, can be used for electrical inspection and temporary grounding device.
4 this product has multiple purposes, convenient installation, reliable performance, can greatly reduce labor intensity of operating workers.

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