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Puncture -type (non - Piercing) Arc-proof Insulator

Puncture -type (non - Piercing) Arc-proof Insulator

Product Description


FFLW-12/5T20 puncture (non-puncture) arc-proof insulator is a new type of composite structure product. Insulated conductors are widely used in distribution lines at home and abroad, but the inherently insufficient lightning resistance of insulated conductors makes it easy to break when struck by lightning. This product is a new type of two-in-one piercing arc-proof insulator with combined structure. Its composite insulator has good insulation performance and anti-pollution level. It can be used for insulating and supporting conductors in 10KV overhead power lines. It also has the protection function of preventing lightning breakage of 10KV overhead insulating conductors. The product also has movable pressing block and piercing teeth structure to prevent the wire from moving due to thermal expansion and cold contraction. The installation and construction are convenient and reliable, without stripping the insulation layer, and the water intake and corrosion of the wire core can be avoided.

Main technical parameters

Principles and characteristics
Puncture lightning-proof pin insulator applies the principle of arc ignition and lightning protection in outer gap to pin insulator, which is suitable for 10kV overhead insulated conductor in distribution. Patented puncture structure and uniqueThe arc ignition device has excellent performance, convenient installation, concise and beautiful appearance. It not only plays the role of pin insulator, but also has the function of lightning protection and wire breakage. It has great popularization value.

Model description

Technical parameters and selection table of piercing lightning rod insulator

Remarks:1. If the installation size of steel foot is different, please indicate when ordering.
2. If used for bare conductors, type C should not be included.
3. Composite insulators with the same specifications for other products.
4. If the thickness ofinsulating layer of conductor is not within the prescribed range,Please note when ordering, do not misuse, otherwise it may lead toElectrical contact is not good or damaged conductor.

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