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Puncture -type Lightning Insulator

Puncture -type Lightning Insulator

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Technical parameters and selection table of puncture type external clearance arrester

Puncture type external clearance arrester

Puncture type external clearance arrester is suitable for 10kV overhead insulated conductor of distribution, which adopts patent design.The  piercing arc-initiating head structure of the meter can penetrate the  insulating layer of the conductor to form an electrical connection; the lower end of the arc-initiating head and its avoidanceThe arc-initiating  head of the upper end of the lightning device is opposite, forming a series  external discharge gap with a distance of 60-130mm.The distance is  adjusted by the relative movement of two mounting plates at the lower  part of the arrester. In normal condition, high resistanceThe arrester  resistor and discharge gap do not move; only when the lightning  overvoltage exceeds the prescribed value, the discharge occurs.The gap can be broken down to form a short-circuit channel, and the  continuous power-frequency arc will burn and release between the  outer gap.Overvoltage energy to protect conductors from burns. When  the voltage is released, the arrester resistor restores its high resistance. Gap discharge stopped.

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